Life’s TOO Short…

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Been a while i blogged and I really don’t have much to say today… just a tiny piece of advice for ya’ll.

I didn’t blog in the month of august at all, now this happened because I lost a friend at the beginning of the month …And I was completely destabilised.

Those who know me personally, are aware that ‘Month to Remember’ was my theme for the month of august… The word REMEMBER was meant to be in a positive way. But sadly I lost a friend, a friend like a Brother! We hadn’t spoken in a while… I guess I got too carried away with the not so important things in life forgetting the more important aspect of life (cherishing those that truly matter to you).

Few days before i heard of his death, I stumbled across his picture on one of my social networks and in my head I was like, “woow been a while I’ve seen this guy, let me say hello”. Seconds later, something came up, then I said to myself, I’ll pop back later and talk to him! That ‘LATER’ never came. Next time I heard of him, death had taken him away.

Now this same thing happened to me two years ago (a friend sent me a message, I’m guessing he probably just wanted to check up on me), but I responded with, “hey im so sorry, i cant talk right now, buzz you when im free”. Few months later he died. Now why on earth didn’t I learn from this? i had to repeat the same silly mistake, ignoring what truly matters then filled with regrets later.

Learn from my mistakes…

Do not allow the pursuit of possessions to become greater priorities than your relationship with those that truly matter. Make time for them because when God decides that he wants them back, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop them from leaving.


Continue to rest in peace Seth.




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